For all the style princesses out there , will keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest fashion trends !



Skin tight leather tights are all the rage at the moment and defiantly hands down my favourite trend for 2012, there’s nothing hotter than leather tights sported with a pair of sexy 6inch heels!



I must say I love the flared tips trend but it can be hard to pull off and if not done right it can be disastrous! My personal favourite is the dark blonde/brunette roots dipped in a lighter brown or blonde, giving it that soft faded look but if you’re interested in a more edgy look then maybe try adding a funky colour to your tips.




Although personally I’m not the biggest fan of the skin tight look, I am loving the chic shape and style of bodycon dresses. The most popular style at the moment is the high neckline with cut off sleeves and curvy cut out patterns; merging sexy and elegant into one!




Absolutely love with this vintage trend. Whether its studded, washed out or boyfriend high waisted jeans , they are a must have for summer or even winter, add a cute top and ankle booties and your aces.



Bold and bright is in this season and Lumo seems to be the flavour of the month. Lumo is constantly coming in and out of fashion but I particularly love this season’s style of a simple outfit matched with a brightly coloured accessory.



There is nothing better then spicing up a feminine outfit with some hardcore studs , this combination merges two styles of elgant and edgy all in one.    




The latest hand accessory these days is the double ring trend; the three main double ring styles at the moment are the solid double ring that spans over two or even three fingers horizontally, the separate petite rings and the double chain link ring. So fun and different ~ Check out my DIY page to see how to make your own.




The all time classic red lips seems to be making a big comeback ; although I believe it never left , its definatly a favorite at moment . Nothing is sexier then a hot black dress and bright red lips!


PRINTS ~ Tribal Vs Animal 



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